Stephen Ferguson, one of our licensed home inspectors, and his dog Scout

Stephen Ferguson —
Licensed Home Inspector

Stephen Ferguson is the owner and sole inspector of Dynamic Property Inspection, LLC. Since 2005, Stephen has inspected homes on a professional level, meeting and exceeding the highest standards of his peers, his clients, and the most respected associations in the industry.

All it takes is a single significant defect in a home’s construction to put a damper on what otherwise appears to be the investment of a lifetime—which is why timing means everything. As long as defects are discovered before final closing, there is still an opportunity to get a prospective purchase back on track, and Stephen is committed to ensuring that you understand your future home’s current condition in full so that you can take action to protect your investment.

When he’s not inspecting homes, Stephen spends as much quality time as possible with his beloved family—including his dog Scout! Stephen is also an avid hunter and fisherman.

3d rendering of a house model typically inspected by our home inspectors

A Home Inspector Who Leaves No Room for Doubt

What sets Stephen apart is his experience and his dedication, putting together an impressive resume of over 16 years of home inspection experience.

Before he inspected homes, Stephen was an Aircraft Mechanic for both Delta Airlines and the United States Navy, working in that role for 22 years. This line of work was instrumental in developing Stephen’s eye for detail, helping him understand how various systems function—all while underscoring the importance of safe working practices and never cutting corners when tasked with a job that is all about protecting others.

With his immense experience and proven track record of helping families secure their dream homes, there’s no doubt that Stephen is 100% committed to doing top-notch work for every client who chooses him for their property inspection needs.

3d rendering of a house model typically inspected by our home inspectors

Completely on Your Side:
For Your Safety, For Your Success

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We encourage you to take us up on our invitation for you to follow along during the home inspection, giving Stephen a chance to go over his findings and to answer your questions while you’re both putting eyes on any issues that were discovered

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During the home inspection, Stephen will utilize the industry’s most cutting-edge technology when necessary to obtain a clearer read on suspected deficiencies in the property’s construction—including thermal imaging, aerial drone photography, moisture meters, and gas leak detectors

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If and when you a question about the home, feel free to give us a call—we’re dedicated to answering your questions even if months have gone by since performing the inspection

Stephen Ferguson, our licensed and certified home inspector

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Dynamic Property Inspection, LLC offers high-quality residential and commercial property inspection services that will expose existing defects in a home’s construction so that prospective investors are not caught unaware and unprepared.


We subtract $25 from all inspection fees as a thank you to our clients who are active-duty military or military veterans.

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