To Request a Home Inspection Call 817-442-9100 Office: 817-442-9100 Cell:817-797-2067    Stephen Ferguson Professional Inspector TREC #7807                                                            Commercial Inspections  Whether you own, lease, or are purchasing a building, don't wait to find out the  condition of the building and its systems. It is a pretty good hunch that this property  was a major investment and the last thing you want are more costs. After all, no one  likes surprises. That's why an inspection is intended to tell you the condition of the  building and property--and, reduce your risk. A Dynamic Property inspection is an objective review of your building and property.  Knowing the condition of a building will allow you to budget more accurately and  provide for expenditures in the future -- whether it's a new roof, HVAC or simply  maintenance related items. Not knowing this information, or worse yet guessing, can  have major consequences. What condition are the building's systems and components in? What costly defects are there which require attention now? What expenditures will be required to repair, maintain or replace items in the  near future? If you can't answer these questions about the property you're planning to buy or lease, you probably should consider an  inspection before buying the property. Buying a building and property is a very anxious time what with  doubts, deadlines and so on. Reducing or removing uncertainties  can make your real estate transaction go smoother. The same  holds true when you lease too by knowing the condition of the  building and property from the outset. Estimating future repair  costs and the replacement of building components and systems  requires an inspection to determine their current condition. With this information estimated life spans can be ascertained  along with the related costs to repair, maintain or replace items.                                      What Type of Commercial Properties are Typically Inspected?                                                  We inspect commercial buildings of all shapes and sizes.                                                                                     For example:   Shopping Centers & Strip Malls  Office Buildings, Apartments & Condominiums  Light Industrial Properties Religious & Institutional Properties  Recreational Facilities & Sports Complexes    What Does Dynamic Property Inspection Look For? Our building inspections are tailored to meet our clients' needs and include items such as: Foundation -- construction, walls, floors Roof -- covering, flashing, chimneys, drainage Attic -- ventilation, vapor barriers Insulation -- type, amount Interior Spaces -- Walls, Floors, Rooms, Offices, Kitchens, Washrooms Exterior -- Site, Walls, Windows & Doors  Electrical & Plumbing Systems  Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Other services we can provide include: Safety concerns for fire & other hazards We do not inspect commercial equipment such as refrigeration units, coolers, commercial grade ovens,  stoves or pizza ovens.  Why a Dynamic Property Inspection Report?  We provide a comprehensive narrative-style written report. Our reports are… Not A Checklist, Easy To Read, Not Overly Technical, and, Tells You The Condition Of Your Property In Every Day Language [Back]