To Request a Home Inspection Call 817-442-9100 Office: 817-442-9100 Cell:817-797-2067    Stephen Ferguson Professional Inspector TREC #7807 Texas Home Inspection Services Dynamic Property Inspection provides a full range of comprehensive, detailed home inspections. We work for our clients to make their new home purchase experiences better. We avoid any conflict of interest to provide our client the maximum satisfaction of their mind. We strictly follow the Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors established by the Texas Real Estate Commission. We do not have any conflict of interest and we do not bid on any work on the property we inspect. Inspection services performed in Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Johnson, Kaufman, Rockwell and Tarrant counties. Inspection Techniques: Dynamic Property Inspection conducts thorough non-evasive inspection on the visible and readily accessible systems and components of the property. When necessary, we use very sensitive carbon monoxide detectors for checking combustion in your furnace, gas leak detectors to check minute leaks in gas pipes, moisture meters to determine under floor or behind wall moisture problems, digital amp and volt meters to diagnose electrical problems, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) testers to test electrical ground fault safety. Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI) provides fire protection by opening the circuit if an arcing fault is detected. Digital thermometers to check the efficiency of HVAC system and other non-invasive tools. We work with a digital camera, allowing us to show you images on the spot of locations that are difficult or unsafe for you to follow, such as a roof, attic or crawlspace. Using the photos, and notes taken during the inspection, we produce a professional, narrative report, which is specific to your home. This is in contrast to a check sheet, which is more difficult to read, since it contains mostly wording that does not apply to your home. When Do I Get My Report? Dynamic Property Inspection has the capability to produce detailed computer generated narrative reports at the conclusion of the inspection. This will allow you and your realtor the opportunity to proceed with further negotiations with the seller without further delay. Clients can also retrieve their inspection report from anywhere or at anytime with E-mail capability. The inspector will discuss with the client what items would be in the report before he leaves the property. The report clearly describes the results of the inspection, including the condition of the following systems: OUR MISSION QUALITY, RELIABLE AND PROFESSIONAL INSPECTIONS You need to know what's serious and what's not. We report those conditions clearly, understandably, and in a professional manner.